90 students graduate at Nairobi’s ISKCON 50th anniversary event


90 students graduated with a Certificate of Ethics and Morality after a year-long course on Vaishnava philosophy at a 50th anniversary ceremony at Nairobi on

The programme, run by the Hare Krishna Training Center, part of ISKCON Nairobi, is attended by young students from local universities.

“By offering character building courses, students are introduced to the need to live an ethically astute and morally sound life as young adults,” explained Govinda Prem Das who launched the course four years ago. “They understand that Krishna Consciousness is a spiritual weapon against the vagaries of society in an increasingly volatile East African region struggling with poverty, Islamic fundamentalism, corruption, and ethnically motivated conflict and violence”


The programme has grown over time since its inception with 6 students in 2012 to 90 students in 2016.

Allan Mbugua, one of the students, said, “God can do without man, but man cannot do without God. The strength of the course is its openness, directness, and practical approach of Krishna consciousness in fostering one’s spirituality.”

Allan feels that someone who teaches the practice spirituality is the best friend.. He continued, “The inclusivity practiced by the Hare Krishnas is a critical ingredient in today’s society for attainment of peace and cohesion.”

Gaurasakti Das, one of the main organisers of the course commented, “Srila Prabhupada envisioned the growth of Nairobi as the prime centre of Krishna Consciousness in Africa. The course is a step in the right direction to train devotees to go out and preach Lord Chaitanya’s mission to the whole world.”