Hare Krishna celebrate 50 years in London

Source: BBC News
Devotees of Hare Krishna have handed out cupcakes in London to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness.

More celebrations took place at the Radha-Krishna Temple in Soho, where the Hindu-inspired spiritual movement has had a centre for 47 years.

Processions of Krishna followers have become a familiar sight on streets.

They chant the Hare Krishna mantra and distribute books and vegetarian food.

To mark the occasion, the deities at the temple were offered new outfits and a feast was held.

hare krishna procession

Image captionFollowers get ready for the procession
krishna procession

Image captionThe procession makes its way down Oxford Street
krishna procession

Image captionWomen chanted and danced
cupcakes krishna

Image captionDevotees handed out cupcakes to commuters
govinda hare krishna temple

Image captionThe Soho Street temple is next to the Govinda vegetarian restaurant, where food is first offered to Krishna
cupcakes krishna

Image caption“Our tradition is all about love, and our way of giving back to London today is by sharing cupcakes,” a follower said